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  • February
  • 2013

Zach’s entry from CBC Music’s piece on First Loves…

"This is a bummer of a story and it explains why I still have a vendetta against a famous Canadian you probably know and love. I was a rambunctious kid in preschool.  I used to climb fences and run away for the sport of it: fall out of trees, break a lot of bones… I never took anything seriously.  The one exception to that was Katherine Hay.   Katherine Hay had blonde pigtails and rosy cheeks and for some reason she thought a frog-catching kid who still peed his pants sometimes was cool enough to date.  She used to collect my hospital bracelets whenever I broke or sprained something (and she still has them to this day).  Let me tell you right now we were inseparable; so inseparable that we went around telling our parents and all our teachers we were engaged to be married.  This wasn’t a joke to us.  The future was prewritten and stretched out before us like a golden carpet, that was until her mom said she was taking her to BC Place to welcome Rick "Man In Motion" Hansen back from tooling around the globe in his wheelchair.  Rick had set off to wheelchair around planet earth to raise money and awareness for paraplegic causes and over the year it took him to do it it went from a small personal quest to a bloated orgy of media ops and flag-waving.  Forgive the bitterness that I can’t help let seep into the telling of this.  That man cost me a lot of happiness.  Anyway, Katherine already had a poster of him, guns blazing in a yellow sleeveless, and she would always pronounce his name "Rick Handsome", which set off alarm bells even at the time.  The day after his bombastic homecoming we met at our cubbies and she was a changed girl.  The wedding was off, she said.  She’s waiting for Rick.  Years later at a class reunion Madame Monique and Madame Nora told me they were sure I had broken my arm again— never before had they seen me in so much pain.  That was pretty much it for Katherine and me.  We went to different kindergartens the next year and we didn’t play together much after that.  We’ve kept in touch but our moment was over.  Rick Hansen, Canadian hero, ruined the purest love I’ve ever known.
(Update: Coincidentally Katherine gave birth to a baby boy two days ago. Of course I’m thrilled for her but there’s a little extra zing in it for me knowing Rick had nothing to do with it.  If you’re reading this Rick, I pity you.  We both missed out bigtime.)”          

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