Fell in Love with New York
You're always surrounded,
you're always alone.
I fell in love with New York cause I wanna atone.
I'm talking to strangers now
and I balance over the rails.
I fell in love with New York where a boy is for sale.

The city hangs like a chandelier
gonna swing it if it kills me.
Get a slick chattel internship
at a gallery in chelsea.
Well the rent's extortionate,
all the give and no get.
(Open oh open the door)
Wino oracles, top models, the lump in your throat.

Gimme that place where I can find my tribe.
Grey city covered in my colours.
Gimme that place where I can crystallize
it's alright to be an other.

Molotov Girls
Gonna do what I want and that's what's up
aint looking for a man to hold me up
black coat
pink balaclava
throw back a double and we'll go out

We Molotov Girls and we alright
dance it out til the streets heat the night
so tired of being told to keep polite
this is called being alive

Skip past the snaking lineup on the street
we feel the lights are on us, we feel the heat
Three sparks hit the kerosene
let em watch the pretty girls
throw their bodies into the machine.

Male Gaze
Everything is ok
woman in the window
I play her body like a feminine nintendo.
Gotta make that ratio
of prince and asshole
but again the princesses are in another castle.

Cmon girl we can freak out a bit
cmon girl we can get low
cmon girl we can freak out a bit
oh can't you see I'm freaking out on my own

Should've been a cocaine dealer in the 80s
cause every girl I want is in another man's mercedes
but in my room my window girl
waits for me in prayer
for dna of the boy who will later betray her.

Bedroom knighthood,
it spins and it's over.
But what's that darkness
that hangs in the corner?
I see my face in the glare.

Island Life
In paradise, tropical greys
I missed the wave again today.

Island life
is a moth in the night
all this time
we look out for a light.

I walk the streets, that hot ballet.
Won't someone look at me that way?

Island life
is a moth in the night
all this time
we just follow the light.

So I wait for you here
on a permanent vacation
you're the speck on the horizon
you're a wild imagination
and they say it's human to want
but I want inoculation.
wanna fall through the sand
to an alternate dimension.

In Heaven
At intermission
we meet outside
a grin of a hug
you blow your cigarette in the other direction
we laugh at the same jokes
but she pops the balloon when she walks through the room to you
in heaven.

Who can control
the bitter blast
we know we let in the cold when we defenestrate the past and now
she’s not at the other end of our telephone calls
she’s in a desert on the surface of mars
with you in heaven.

Knot in my Heart
My friends are wilding
how winter loves wear thin
they’re cut to kindling
when summer hits our skin.

We’re like a seedling.
suck tears out of a vase
a forest fire knows
Something will take its place.

So why do I need
something more
you’ve got that secret knock to my door.

I wake up some days with a knot in my heart
Where oh where, where are you?
It’s hard and weird not to know how your day begins
though I’m lying next to someone new.

Calm and collected.
I’m feeling nothing in the world can shake my bones.
These new distractions like growing grasses
hide the path between our homes.

Ancient Mars
I want to believe in time travel
that one day I’ll come back for you.
find you in the campus library aisles and I’d say
Oh my ancient Mars.

when the rusty rocks were covered in groves
and the pyramids foretold acidic snows
all was still breathing like my hands on your toes and I said
Oh my ancient Mars
Several billion golden years ago
I lost a planet that I loved to the cold
civilization blooms and then it erodes. And that’s it
Oh my ancient Mars.

Strange Girl
You were the deep well
in earth-and-ocean class
and on the days you showed
I’d try to make you laugh.
Cliques drift and
converge in with a crash
And there we were, desk to desk
a young mountain and a strange girl.

And then we met again at university
you said I came to you in a heavy dream.
Life in a Glass House, you said was your secret theme.
Sometimes you creep me out
have I ever told you you’re a strange girl?
We were silver moths
around a naked bulb
on my parents’ porch that night
it was love
and it kept moving.

I know you oh so well
since we were 15
so well I feel my joints
when your weather’s shifting.
I’ll be your confidante
across the continents.
You may one day be queen
but to me you’ll always be that strange girl

Escape Artist
My alter-ego. He’s an escape artist,
he’s only truly happy when he’s under arrest.
oh how he handsome, scheduled to hang to death
He’s only truly happy at the precipice.

He’s like a mirror. He sticks into our ears
a stethoscope to the chest of the vacant years.
I can’t escape the chair, I’m etherized with fear
that my only talent is in hanging here.

but then it’s
Hey boy, I’ve got your man he’s right here
putty in my hands
ice cream and sweets,
coming in the sheets
he got no excuse to leave.
and in the real world, an intertidal cave,
I ride a desk chair waiting for a tidal wave
I feel like dancing, but that is miles away
I’m feeling hard and hollow like paper mache.

My alter ego. He’s in a jailer’s cage
he sits and waits for the devil to abet his escape.
I’m sorry pastor, I can’t be pasteurized.
All of the bibles in the world for a metal file.

At every clock strike, he hears the jailer’s keys
and the doubt starts to sprout til he’s on his knees.
but he is singing, when the night is black
“All I am is whatever I’m aiming at”
and he remembers like it’s his mother’s call
to feel his hand find a grip at the top of the wall.
and I want to feel it, I want to feel the fire
of the leftover sun on the roofing tiles.

We broke in where
we’re not allowed
and found a station
from a dead undergound.
And there you kissed me
as if goodbye
on the dusty platform
like my train had arrived

Oh we hold with the grip of a sifter
and we smile with the teeth of a comb
we can fake what we want to belong
but if we don’t show our faces
we can’t be wrong.

Hands in the air, listen to me
this is a stickup at the observatory
we’re gonna look at just what we wanna see
this is a stickup at the observatory.

The blue beneath your skin is like
an atlas of the sky
I want to read your book but I
don’t want to break the spine.
We left the concert on skid row
and looked up at the building face
office workers in the sky constellate
In our ordinary moons
we can’t see the part we play
all the windows in the sky constellate.

oh we know we’re living in a tumour
or we know we’re living in a coral reef
who can say what’s the way to believe
but sleep beside a window
and you hear it breathe.

Local Swan
In Montreal’s tiny pond
she and I we smoulder
the local swan, my amazon
with coathanger shoulders

My god, it’s a mirage; she’s booking to go.
I’ll swim the St. Laurent cause I lost her and I succumb.

When all your nights are starry blurs
will you remember me?
When all your friends are photographers
will you remember me?

I refuse
to reminisce
needle cracks and tape hiss.
Blue tattoos of the things I miss
are they bruise or cicatrice?
oh no, fear the plateau
there’s no up or down
costars and Hollywood tsars they flood my mind and I drown

Walking by your window, I called you for the first time
“yeah, the one who spilled my drink on you last night.”
and in my underlit apartment, you let me paint you by the flame.
I’ve painted you a hundred times and still can’t sign my name.

When all your nights are starry blurs
will you remember me?
When all your friends are photographers
will you remember me?
the scene is set to see your face
on every silver screen.
When all you need is a hiding place
will you remember me?

Euphrates and Tigris
I bet she’s rail-thin like a heron
over the phone she talks and I just listen in
“we’ll never meet until it’s just too late for us
you’re the Euphrates and I’m the Tigris”

Talk talk, the tang of exhaust
the mystery’s gone again
I threw the light on you
the way that I always can
conquest dredged the loch ness
and the mystery’s gone again.

She left her Braille open to my fingertips
Her pockets weighed down because they’re littered with
cigarette lighters from all the boys she’s ever loved
despite them all she still can’t stay warm enough.
Talk talk, the tang of exhaust
the mystery’s gone again
I threw the light on you,
the way that I always can
Zoom zoom, streetview the moon
and the mystery’s gone again.

Cold Moon
The paint is dry, we’ve closed the vein
to rinse the brush and go again
but still I know I’ve got the stain
and maybe you do too.
I found the stomach to deny
the urge to look you up online
don’t want to creep on your profile
but sometimes I still do.
Maybe I’ll see you on the cold moon
we’ll meet again beneath the cold moon
thin windows fill my room
with silver from the cold cold moon.